Customer Service in Estate Agents

How often do you use estate agents? On average, owner occupiers move house once every 23 years in the UK, renters much more often. Nevertheless, unless you’re in property, the likelihood of your agent getting repeat business from you any time soon is low. Can YOU remember the last agent you used?

So, should agents worry at all about customer service?

I think so.

VENDORS USUALLY GET QUOTES FROM AT LEAST THREE AGENTS. At this stage I think agents need to be:

I went through this process recently and had one agent visit who must have been there for at least 2 hours. I made all the usual signals about needing to get on, but he just kept talking. I switched off and did not choose this agency, I could not have stood this type of ongoing sales talk.

BUYERS OR RENTERS FOCUS ON THE HOUSE THEY WANT but surely should also be treated with total courtesy and respect even during the hot market we have had recently.

I viewed a house recently and asked about aspect. I got a shrug and was told she didn’t know, but they’d already had offers over the asking price. She was only interested in whether I would make an offer, preferably then and there.

When I come to sell, I WON’T be using that agent.

There is a lot of passion associated with house buying. It can take ages to find the right place. But, really, is it worth it to be treated so poorly when you’re about to make the biggest purchase of your life?

So how to choose which agent to use:

I’ll go on local recommendations, definitely my experiences to date and the agent’s courtesy and willingness. And, of course, the valuation and fee are vital factors in the decision.

There are some FANTASTIC AGENTS in my area and I’m sure across the country.

However, we’ve all heard or experienced some horror stories.

Although the money is a key component, SERVICE has to also count in choice of estate agent.