First impressions in care homes:

Sometimes when you meet someone new, you just know instantaneously whether you’re going to warm to them or not.

When you’re looking to move, they say you know whether a house is right in the first few seconds.

What’s going on? Clearly our hearts or our guts are ruling our heads. But as Malcolm Gladwell said - decisions made very quickly can be every bit as good as decisions made cautiously and deliberately.

Having done a fair amount of work in care homes recently, I think the same things apply. When a relative walks into a care home with a very difficult decision looming,

It’s amazing how many times these things do not happen.

And does it affect the potential client’s overall image? I think it does in most cases. They’re really pedalling uphill from there on in because the prospect is feeling unloved, a bit frustrated and certainly not at all sure whether this place is going to be right for their loved one.

Whilst, of course, care home staff are busy people and they must always put the needs of their residents first, it would not take a giant leap to put in place a few processes and a little training to make sure all potential clients were welcomed and metaphorically embraced in those first important, impression building minutes.